Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hello Winter,

Hey Egg-fans,

Time sure does fly by. It feels like I was writing the bog for July just a couple of days ago but now winter is peeking around the corner. So much good stuff is cooking up in the Egg pan I don’t know where to begin. I should start with a lot of thank yous to everyone who has come out to see Egg this summer. We’ve had so much fun. A lot of you more than once. Our honorary #1 Egghead fan is Jonathan, age 6 (I think) who has been to more Egg gigs than I think we’ve actually played.

The BIG BIG BIG news friends, is that our song “I Like Fruit.” remixed and performed by Secret Agent 23 Skidoo and featuring members of Egg is the number one song on Kids Place Live (Formerly XM Kids) right now !!!!! So if you have XM or Sirus radio check it out. Also Egg recently wrote and performed the theme song for one of the shows on that station called, Absolutely Mindy, you can call or email them and request any of the above or any other Egg song your in the mood for.

It was a summer to remember, all the kids, grown ups and smiles, really make this the best gig in the world! In creating Egg I have learned so much, one of the lessons I hold dearest is about putting others before yourself. Even in the wacky world of music making. I’ve never felt this much satisfaction in writing or performing music until I started doing it for my kids, then eventually for LOTS of kids. I have learned how to hang up my ego and see the world through someone else’s eyes and how my actions will be the actions of my children someday, so I’d better be a good example. It is ok to make mistakes, that is how we learn. I could go on and on and on.

Coming up on October 3rd and 4th we will be playing the annual Pumpkinfest at Kidspace Children's Museum in Pasadena. Last years gig was unbelievable,I think we broke the world record for the most kids dancing on stage at one time. So much fun. Please visit our website to find other Egg gigs, we have a lot coming up.

As winter nears Egg will be hunkering into the studio to start working on the follow up to Sunny Side Up. We are shooting for a spring time release, to be followed shortly thereafter by another summer of Egg-a-licious shows. I can’t wait.

In closing I would like say a big thank you again to everyone who has helped so much and worked so hard to keep the Egg rolling.

Rock And Roll !!!!!


Friday, July 24, 2009


Hey Egg Fans!

First off let me start by thanking all of the families who have come out to have fun and support Egg this summer. We have been having the best time meeting so many wonderful kids. We recently announced that if you are taking pictures of your kid(s) at an Egg gig, send it to us and at the end of every month we will post them on our Facebook page, with special prizes to be awarded at the end of each month for the best photo.

In Egg news we have broken onto XM Kids. YES!!!!!

For of you who listen to XM, give them a call at 866/328-2345 or email them through their webpage and request Egg.

Also keep and ear out for Secret Agent 23 Skidoo’s guest DJ segment. He recently re-released his CD Easy, adding his remix of the Egg song “I Like Fruit” as a bonus track Check it out, it is an incredible album!!!

Egg is thrilled to have Shahen back from his world tour with the punk band The Adicts. A huge THANK YOU goes out to Greg Reeves for subbing on bass.

Today we’re gearing up for a big show in Malibu tomorrow at Bluffs Park. It might be the most beautiful place we have ever played. If you haven’t been there, it is on PCH right across from Pepperdine University. We go on at 11:00 am. Plus, with the surf picking up, I might get to do some surfing after as well.

I have another visit scheduled for UCLA children’s hospital this week, which is always such a wonderful experience. It really puts into perspective how grateful I am for this wonderful life and the joy we get to share with others. I was recently driving home with the kids in the car and the Beatles
“All You Need is Love” came on. Annabella said “So, Daddy, love is
all we really need isn’t it?”

“Yes if we put love first everything else will fall into place,” I said with a lump in my throat.

Have a beautiful day


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Spring Has Sprung

 Hey Everyone !! 

         Happy Spring. Another month or so has gone by and I have so much to say I don’t know where to begin (seems like I say that every  month.) So I’m gonna go backwards. Today, which is the 3rd of May I’m sitting in a hotel room in Brooklyn New York, enjoying the early morning peace before I have to start packing up to fly home. I came out here to attend Stinkfest which as of the close of the conference rebranded itself as KindieFest. KindieFest is the world's first-ever family music conference that fully embraces today's market in all its diversity. Focusing exclusively on music for kids and families (I copy and pasted that). Organized by, Tor Hyams, Stephanie Mayers and Bill Childs respectfully, it allowed a stage for all of us from around the country to meet and talk about our industry. After a morning of very informative panels, some of the best kids bands in the world played. I was thrilled to be invited to perform with Secret Agent 23 Skidoo on his version of “I Like Fruit.”  The story of how all that happened is the March blog down the page. All of the performers were amazing ! A few of the highlights for me were The Jimmies, Audra Rox!, Lunch Money, and Ralph Covert, as well as Secret Agent 23 Skidoo. I’m sure in the near future, if not already, you will be able to check out highlights from the show via Zoogloble. I’ll keep you posted, most likely through the face-book Egg page. If your not a fan already, sign up. It was such a great experience meeting all the people I’ve been in touch with from around the country, and a beautiful sense of community. We are all here to make great music for Families, and we do. 

   In other news, the weekend before we played in San Francisco, at Urban Recess for their springfest event that was just incredible.  Thanks to everyone who came out and made it such a great time. I had a moment when we were loading in where a little girl, Dragonfly, came up to inform me she wasn’t shy anymore and that she really liked our band. It is such a wonderful experience to see the joy on kids faces. It is a constant reminder of why I do what I do. It’s first and foremost for the kids, in all of us. Have a great day.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Very Special Day

 Hi Eggfanz
 I realize that I usually only write about a blog a month but today something very special happened. Egg got to go to the Mattel Children's Hospital at UCLA and play for some of the most incredible kids. This gig took a lot of planning. I had contacted the hospital about playing there almost a year ago.  At the time they were in the process of moving over to their new building and so we had to wait a little while.  Then there was trying to fit into their schedule, then our schedule then finally everything clicked and we finally got 3-25 on the calendar. Yeah !!!!!  

   After speaking to Vanya Green, the hospital's music therapy director, we realized a typical Egg show might be a bit much for a hospital, as anyone who has seen us knows, with the whole band it can get a little crazy. So we decided the best way would to be for Cody and I to go down and do a little more of a subdued set. Playing acoustic instruments. 
  With Egg we are so blessed to get to share happiness with so many kids, and from it's inception we've always wanted to be able to bring that joy to others who aren't as fortunate as us. So today was special. It was a dream come true. To see those kids eyes light up while singing along or just listening was amazing. Words can not describe how I felt sitting next to a little boys bed who couldn't move his body, and as I sang I saw him mouthing "La La La  I love you." 
   As life zooms by and we are rushing to get this done or get that kid over there, it is so wonderful to stop everything and just be in that moment when a child looks you in the eyes. Weather they are sick or healthy, there is no judgment, no criticism, nothing but joy, and love.  

  Thanks so much to Vanya Green and the Mattel Children's Hospital at UCLA. We look forward to coming back soon.


Friday, March 20, 2009

Hey Egg-fans !!

    Here we are again with a brand new Egg blog and I’m stumped at where to start. There are so many things to share with everyone. First off I’d like to thank all our friends and fans that have come out to see us at our recent shows. Also a huge huge thanks to Amy Perl for flying down from San Francisco to take some pictures of Egg. She is one of the most talented photographers I’ve ever seen, and when I heard that she was coming down I was actually petrified. I felt like the The Prez himself had just called me in for a meeting. First, I was, Wow how exciting then Oh no !! am I going to dress ok, is she going to think I’m a weirdo, or that I don’t photograph well enough. All went amazingly smooth, if your a face-booker you can see some of the photos by becoming a fan of the Egg band face-book page. Thank you again Amy. I highly recommended if you get a chance to look her up at

  In more Egg news I recently had the privilege of collaborating with another kids artist named Secret Agent 23 Skidoo on a remix of our song “I Like Fruit.” I heard his stuff on XM Kids one afternoon while doing the laundry and was floored. After a little internet digging we actually got in touch with each other and the connection was instant. He is an East Coast Hip Hop version of Egg. In that we both are parents of young girls who have a huge influence on our music. Also we both have a strong belief that kids music shouldn’t be dumbed down. We are who we are and we play music that both adults and kids can listen to. You can check him out at

  We have yet to release the single but you can request it at the radio show/podcast Spare the Rock Spoil The Child go to to check it out. The icing on the cake is that we will be performing the song together in New York City at Stinkfest on May 2nd. Stink is the first-ever family music conference that fully embraces today’s market in all it’s diversity go to for more info. We are both very excited to perform together and also to actually meet in person. Our entire collaboration has been done via the internet and on the phone. What a wonderfully small world it has become.
  Lastly we Eggers have been thinking of posting some of the Egg scribble shirts the kids have been so beautifully coloring in some of our upcoming blogs, rumor has it that we might even be having a contest of sorts. So if you have any pictures of the little guys sporting their Egg shirts, send them our way, we’d love to see them at

Have a great day


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jeff here.  I just want to keep you all in the loop with Egg.  First  
off, thank you to everyone who came out to our recent shows at Dragonfly Du Lou and Giggles & Hugs.  We had such a great time!  My daughter, Annabella, making her live singing debut sure was fun. She was so nervous.  I invite her up every time she’s with us but  
she always gets cold feet when her parts come up.

Last week we shot some amazing footage for a new video for the song “Summer Today.”  It seems so appropriate with all the yucky winter weather we’ve been having.  I invited some kids down to the Egg studio and let them have at the back wall with their imaginations and paint brushes.  It got messy, but boy was it fun.  (Shout outs to Dutch and Lou Lou as well as the Clark and Fuller kids).  

We’ve also been in the throws of writing and recording some new tunes, one of which I’m particularly excited about, called “Daddy, Please Pick Me Up.”  It’s about the wonderful stage my son is at right now, always asking for “Up Daddy.”  He just wants to see what’s going on, poor little guy!  It melts me every time.  

We also just finished a big night of recording Cody and Erin doing all our background vocals.  Those gals are so amazing.  They finished five songs in about two hours, and it sounds great.  I am so blessed to have such an amazing band: Steve, Shahen, Cody, and Erin. In all my years  I’ve never played with such a great group of musicians and people.  

Last but definitely not least, if your in Sherman Oaks on Sunday Feb 22nd we will be rockin out at Storyopolis at 11am.

Thank you all for your continued support and have a great day

Monday, January 5, 2009

Egg in the New year.

  Hey all, hope everyone survived the holidays. As a parent of two, it sure was good to have some time off to hang with the kids. We had a blast. Santa brought both kids guitars this year. Annabella already knows an E and a C chord and will be strumming on stage with Egg before we know it.
  Egg is deep in the throws of recording new songs that we all are very excited about, of which a two songs are written and performed in collaboration with Secret Agent 23 Skidoo. If you haven't heard of him yet, check it out. He is an amazing Kid Hop artist and one of a kind. 
 We also have some very exciting shows coming up in the next couple of months. We just renewed our residency for 2009 at Giggles N' Hugs Children's Restaurant, where we will be performing the second Saturday of every month beginning this Saturday Jan 10th at 6pm. It is always a blast. Then in February we have an awesome show planned for Dragonfly Du Lou on Feb. 15th at 11am. Check out the pictures on our myspace page at The kids tore it up, and we had a blast. Also on the myspace page I posted a brand new Egg song called  I Like Fruit. Those of you who have been to any of our live shows know this one.
 It is amazing playing in Egg, seeing the kids (in all of us) dance around and having such a great time.  I used to have a little plastic block on my coffee table that said "The greatest living contemporary artist is the creative uninhibited child at play." It is funny how 20 years later I have come to realize that truth.  HAPPY 2009.